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90% Business 10% Design

It is said that running an interior design business is only 10% design, The Golden Blueprint will help you create a business foundation that supports the 90%.  

This 7-week self-guided course is for you if you need guidance in stepping into the role of  CEO of your small design business.  With short videos and exercises, you receive my best advice so that you design the business that you want and you can run your business the way you want to run it.

If you’re like many designers, you feel a little unsure or lack confidence on the business side.  You’re not sure how to attract the right clients.  You don’t know how your business stacks up.  You feel like there is a better way to price your services.  You’re not alone.

I’ve created this course to be your blueprint.

I want you to have clarity and confidence and feel secure that you’re doing it right.




Spend a week focusing on each module plus one week for implementation. 



Go from Business Foundation to Running Your Business in 7 weeks. 



A short screencast video for each of the 28 lessons.  



24 guided exercises plus homework to complete after each lesson. 


Have specific questions?  This members-only networking will be the place to crowd-source the best solutions to personalized questions.  


During this one-on-one call I’ll get to know you better so I can help you succeed during the course.


You have access to the course and upgrades for the lifetime of the course.  That means you can take it again or just review parts at your leisure.  


During this one-on-one call I will answer your specific business questions with personalized advice. 


awesome bonus to protect your interior design business

Sample Contract

Get a jumpstart on this lawyer-reviewed sample.
awesome bonus to streamline your interior design business

Systems Template

Create the systems to streamline your business.
awesome bonus to qualify interior design clients

Initial Phone Interview

Questions to ask at first contact with a client.
awesome bonus to keep your interior design business projects on task

Project Template

Keep your business development projects on task.
awesome bonus to keep your interior design business projects on task

Report Template

Monthly report template to track business progress.
This seven-week course was developed to help you, the interior designer, know what you need to know about running a business.  At the end of the course you’ll have:
  • A contract that you feel good about.
  • The software that will keep your business running smoothly.
  • Confidence to know who to sell your services to and a marketing plan. 
  • A pricing structure that works for your business and your clients.
  • The names and emails of magazine editors that can publish your work.
  • Systems that allow you to run your business the way you want to run it.
  • A well-developed business completely unique in the market.
  • The benchmarks you can use to see if your business is successful.


This course provides a blueprint to design the business that you want.  This is not my plan for your success or anyone telling you how you need to run your business.  The course starts easy and builds so you can find your own solutions and not follow someone else’s.  The exercises are designed to bring out your ideal business from within you.  




“The Golden Blueprint has strengthened my resolve to be more disciplined.  It has given me confidence.  I felt as though I had an advocate, a coach, during the sessions.  I also benefited from some very tangible takeaways, like realizing I needed small business insurance.  There are not only tangible takeaways, you are gaining a whole new perspective on yourself as a designer.  The self-realization or revelations are a big part of the course.  Examining the ways I have been conducting business and looking at where I want to be.”  -Leslie B Culter,

Business training is something very lacking in this creative profession. This course is a great way to understand the fundamentals of starting a business and tips and tricks from those that have gone through the process already.  It has made me focus ON my business and allowed me to think about things that I have not yet considered, nor had the time in the past to focus on.  The course guides you on your journey to create your own unique business and shares some fundamentals that are key to any design business. It doesn’t pigeonhole you into becoming cookie cutter or expect you to duplicate someone else’s business style, but rather challenges you to ponder what you really want out of your own business and how you can better serve your clients and yourself!” -Julie White,


I was experiencing a lot of anxiety about the business side of things for months leading up to taking the course. I had an amicable split from my business partner and finally wanted to get my ‘ducks in a row’ from a business standpoint. I also had many lingering questions, like how to deal with purchasing and the designer discount.  This class gave me my business backbone back, or perhaps a new one!  Gave me more confidence, like a new tool kit full of helpful tools I can use and modify for my own business.” -Amy Aswell,


In this module you’ll learn:
  • The five components that make your business unlike any others.
  • Working on vs working in your business and why it could be holding you back.
  • How to overcome the perception of deception in interior design.
  • The one thing that will help make all business-related decisions.
In this module you’ll learn:
  • How to choose a business structure that works for you and avoids unnecessary work and headaches.
  • The common pitfalls, roadblocks, and traps in naming your business. 
  • The advice that could save your business from certain failure.
  • You’ll receive a sample contract that you can use, reviewed by a lawyer!
  • The program that will change your business and I simply could not survive without.  
In this module you’ll learn:
  • What you should focus on to bring value to your clients.
  • Why you need to avoid vanilla and specialize.
  • That you have a clear, concise, consistent brand to expose to the clients who want you.
  • Who to hire and will work (almost) for free as a salesperson, selling only for you (while you sleep)!
In this module you’ll learn:
  • How to find clients that appreciate, respect, and deserve your talents. 
  • What process to use to take a client from initial call to happy customer (and answer the budget Q)
  • The red flags that arise when trouble is on the horizon. 
  • Pricing structures, pros & cons, and what model I think will work for you. 
  • If you’re not making money it may not be about your pricing structure.
  • What you need to do if you expect a project to go well.  
In this module you’ll learn:
  • 100 ways to market your interior design services without cheese or sleaze
  • The answer to how you should use social media for business.
  • The cheap, easy marketing tool that has brought me the most business.
  • How to contact magazine editors and get your work published. 
In this module you’ll learn:
  • How working too much is hurting your business.
  • Why (and how!) you need to set boundaries with clients and vendors.
  • Five things that you need to look like a professional.
  • What goals you need to set so you can create measurable success.
  • What Fortune 500 companies do to keep their businesses on track – and so should you.
  • How to create business systems so your business runs smoothly.  


  • Those that do not have a design business/ are not actively starting one.  If you don’t plan on running your own business or are still in the research / knowledge gathering phase of starting a business this is not the right course for you.  You must be ready to work on your current and future business.    
  • Those that want standardized steps, by the end of the course you’ll have steps to improve your business, but they ones you’ve created with the exercises I provide.  This is not a cookie-cutter program, you have the power and flexibility to create the business you want.
  • Those that want a quick solution.  How much you get out of the course is correlated to how much effort you put in.  
  • If you’re not willing to set aside time to work on your business.  You can’t afford to not invest time in building your business, creating a solid foundation should come before client work.  If you don’t make the choice to put in the time, this course is not worth it.   


  • I don’t have a business yet, is that okay?

    Yes! This course helps you set up a business foundation.  It’s great that you are starting from the beginning.  You’ll learn a great deal about how to set up your business and do it right from the start, eliminating the costly business learning curve.  I’ve helped people in all stages of their business, from just beginning to 10+ years in.  However, if you aren’t going to start your business within the next year or aren’t sure that you will start a business it probably isn’t the right time to take this course.  

  • Do I have to complete the course in 7 weeks?

    You can take all the time that you need to work on your business.  I think deadlines are important, but know that sometimes things come up.  The material will be available to you for the lifetime of the course.  It is essential that you don’t lose momentum in designing your business. 

  • What if I already know what’s covered in some of the lessons?

    Some people already have business insurance set up, or have decided on their brand colors, or know their special sauce, but many don’t.  Since the course is for all experience levels, the most basic information on starting a business is presented at the beginning of the course.  The lessons that you feel you’ve already know, gives you an opportunity to make sure what you know is being applied.  Often those that feel like they already know what’s being covered; learn something new, see it in another light, realize they need to review their current set-up, or it provides an opportunity to apply it in your business. 

  • Can I get a refund?

    The Golden Blueprint was created to help you design your beautiful interior design business.  You will have the first two modules to determine if the Course is a good fit for you.

    For your benefit and to maintain high standards of learning, course participation and action are required to be eligible for a refund.  I only want participants that are serious and committed to doing the work, this is a “tire kicker-free” zone. If after watching the lessons and completing the homework and/or the exercises in the first two modules you don’t believe this is the course for you, you will receive 100% refund.  Keep in mind, the modules build in complexity.

    To receive a refund, please email a request prior to the release of Module 3 to with all of the completed exercises and a explanation of completed homework from the first two modules. No refunds will be issued after the release of Module 3.

  • What does the course look like?

    The course is self-guided.  Every week a new module will be released based on when you signed up, it is not available all at once.  Each module is composed of 4-5 short video lessons.  Each video lesson is a screenshot with voice-over to keep you focused on the material.  At the end of each lesson is where the real work begins: with you!  Each video lesson has 1-3 exercises or homework to complete.   

  • Will the material still apply to me if I don’t live in the United States?

    Yes, most of the course will still be relevant no matter where you live.  The Business Foundation Module could be the only module where the rules and regulations may be different for your government.  That said, the fundamental nature of the module still applies – no matter where you live you’ll require insurance, a letter of agreement, and accounting for your business.  This program is designed to help you design your business and that can be done anywhere!

  • How much time should I dedicate each week to the course?

    I call the time you spend on the course, your CEO-time, the time spent working on your business and not just in it.  I ask for at least one hour per day for CEO-time.  You may need more or less.  It may change with different modules, different lessons, and different exercises.  Most lessons are very short, the time-consuming portion is the time you’ll spend on the exercises and homework designing your business.  


1. Introduction

1.1 Don’t Compare Yourself to Others
1.2 How to Be Successful
1.3 Radical Transparency
1.4 Guiding Light

2. Business Foundation

2.1 Choosing a Business Name
2.2 Business Structure
2.3 Insurance and Legal
2.4 Licensing
2.5 Letter of Agreement and Contracts
2.6 Accounting

3. Building Your Brand

3.1 Special Sauce
3.2 Specialty
3.3 Brand
3.4 Website

4. Clients

4.1 Client Awesome Model (CAM)
4.2 Qualifying Clients
4.3 Red Flags
4.4 Pricing
4.5 Setting Expectations

5. Selling Your Services

5.1 Marketing
5.2 Social Media
5.3 Content Marketing
5.4 Photographing Your Work & Getting Published

6. Running Your Business

6.1 Treat Your Business Like A Business
6.2 Goal Setting
6.3 Reviews and Retreats
6.4 Best Practices
6.5 The Last Word

* Week 4 is a implementation week where no new material is released.  

“I think my biggest take away from this course is the advice I have been given on taking the next steps in my business to make it lucrative and a career. I have been holding back for a while and it was great to be able to chat with others during the course and receive advice on taking the next steps toward my dream.  I think the most important thing to realize about this course is that it is going to give you the foundations you need to market your business strengths and focus on growing your business from a marketing perspective. This course is great to really get into the details of your business and hit the ground running.”  -Courtney Moss,

“The Golden Blueprint made me stop and really think about what I want my business to look like and what is important to me. I was letting the clients in many ways drive my decisions. I was being reactive rather than proactive.” 

“My biggest take away was learning invaluable information that only comes from experience. Because my business is new, I don’t have much to base things off of, to hear it from you, really helps in guiding me in the right direction.  I think its nice to feel supported since there is so much competition out there- why not take a different approach and support each other, everyone has a different style and I think that is what makes the world go round.”  -Anja Michals,



“I have benefited in many ways, but mostly by forcing myself to evaluate goals, create a plan, streamline my process, and decide what my perfect client is.  Before, I was taking any client that would come my way- and was spinning my wheels with small jobs.  As a result of the CAM worksheet provided, I discovered I’d rather take on a less number of projects, but more profitable in nature.  There’s not a ton of business development resources out there for designers like this, and anyone trying to run their own design business would benefit from this.” -Leah Bernath, ASID,


“My confidence level in pricing has increased.  I have a greater knowledge of the clients that I should take. Knowing my CAM is really helpful.  I wish I had something like this when I had been starting out or even in my company growth spurt so that I could skip the headache of my current accounting program and not take on some of the clients that really didn’t add anything to my business.”  -Cristi Holcombe,


“The Golden Blueprint for interior designers is an amazing and unique resource. Capella shares her wealth of knowledge in a refreshingly, personable style that provides practical and innovative tools on how to create a healthier and stronger interior design business. Learning these invaluable tools was a genuine pleasure and I have found the results of her advice simply remarkable in my own design studio.” – Stacy Langan, ASID,


I’m Capella and I’ve been an interior designer for 10 years now, starting my career in Santa Monica working for one of the top interior designers around – Michael Smith.  I’ve worked on low-budget to multi-million dollar projects, I’ve been published in national magazines, I’ve had speaking gigs and designed rooms in a Showhouse.  

What I really love is elevating the profession of interior design.  I almost missed out on this great career because I didn’t want people to think that I just made things look pretty and shopped for a living.  We all know that interior design is wonderful, but it is not easy.   

I created this course because I want designers to feel confident and proud of their industry and the work we do. I started my own successful design business and I can help you design yours.  I believe in collaboration and supporting each other.  I hope you’ll join me.  Visit my website at